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Bee sting cake

The history of Bee Sting cake

Soft brioche filled with a delicious vanilla diplomat cream topped with a delicate layer of honey-caramelized sliced almonds.

The “Bee Sting” cake, or “Bienenstich” as it is known in German, is an exquisite pastry originating from Germany, with a history that dates back several centuries. This cake is distinguished by its caramelised almond topping and its filling of custard or cream, set on a sweet yeast dough base. The combination of these elements makes the “Bienenstich” a unique delight that has transcended borders.

The origin of the cake is shrouded in legends that date back to the Middle Ages. The most popular story attributes its creation to an incident that occurred in the year 1474 in the German town of Linz am Rhein. According to the legend, the town was under threat of a surprise attack by enemy soldiers. The town's brave bakers, upon learning of the attack, devised an ingenious defence.

These bakers used hives full of bees to repel the invading soldiers. They threw the hives from the town walls, causing the enraged bees to attack the soldiers. The painful stings from the bees forced the soldiers to retreat, thus saving the town from invasion. This clever and brave act of defence was etched into the town’s collective memory.

Bee sting cake

To celebrate the unexpected victory and in honour of the bees that had helped defend their home, the bakers decided to create a special cake. This cake, which they named “Bienenstich” or “Bee Sting”, was conceived as a tribute to the little heroines of that day. The choice of caramelised almonds as a topping may have been inspired by the idea of hives and the sweet nectar produced by bees.

Over time, the “Bienenstich” recipe was perfected and passed down through generations, becoming a tradition in German pastry making. Throughout the centuries, the cake has evolved but has retained its original essence. The combination of the crunchy texture of the caramelised almonds with the soft and creamy filling remains the hallmark of this cake.

Today, the “Bienenstich” is one of the most cherished cakes in Germany and has gained international recognition. It can be found in many patisseries around the world, where it continues to delight pastry lovers with its unique flavour and rich history. The legend of its origin, although possibly embellished over time, remains a reminder of the ingenuity and bravery of the bakers of Linz am Rhein.