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Bourdaloue tart

The history of Bourdaloue tart

Dainty combination of pear and almond on a buttery biscuit base filled with a delightful almond cream and poached pears.

The Bourdaloue tart, created in the 19th century, is attributed to the French pastry chef and confectioner Nicolas Bourgoin. Although its name has been associated with the boulevard Bourdaloue in Paris, the tart became popular thanks to its production in the Lesserteur patisserie, which was set up in the early 1850s at 7 rue Bourdaloue in Paris. This patisserie became an important centre of culinary innovation and a meeting place for Parisian high society. The Tart Bourdaloue became one of the Lesserteur patisserie's most emblematic specialities, noted for its balanced combination of flavours.

The impact of the Tart Bourdaloue on the society of the time was significant. During the Belle Époque in Paris, patisserie was a fundamental element of the culinary culture and a symbol of luxury and sophistication. The Tarte Bourdaloue joined a variety of high quality desserts and pastries offered in renowned patisseries. The exquisiteness of this tart made it very popular with the bourgeoisie and nobility of the time, making it a must at banquets and social events.

The success of the Tart Bourdaloue was partly due to the innovation of combining ground almonds with fresh pears in its recipe. This creative approach and the high quality of the ingredients used contributed to its popularity. The Lesserteur patisserie became a symbol of culinary excellence, and the tart helped to consolidate its reputation.

Bourdaloue tart

The Bourdaloue tart also influenced the evolution of French patisserie and the creation of new desserts. The combination of fruits and nuts became a common technique in pastry making, and the recipe for the Tart Bourdaloue inspired other pastry chefs to experiment with ingredients and flavours.

To this day, the Tarte Bourdaloue remains a delicious example of French pastry tradition, and the Lesserteur pastry has endured as a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the pastry world

This dessert continues to be a favourite among pastry lovers and has spread worldwide, becoming a symbol of French haute cuisine and its influence endures in contemporary gastronomy and pastry making.