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Cherry clafoutis

The history of Cherry Clafoutis

Delicate flan-like custard with kirsch and vanilla filled with delicious seasonal black cherries.

Clafoutis is considered a speciality from the Limousin region in France, but its popularity has transcended regional boundaries, becoming a beloved dessert throughout Britain and beyond. The basic recipe has been passed down through generations, allowing clafoutis to remain an iconic element of British cuisine.

Despite its simplicity in ingredients, clafoutis is cherished for its unique flavour and texture. The combination of cherries, with their tartness and juiciness, along with the smooth and slightly sweet batter, creates a perfect balance. The distinctive touch of using unpitted cherries is that the stones contribute a subtle bitterness, adding complexity to the dessert.

In recent decades, clafoutis has been subject to many variations and reinterpretations. Some modern versions suggest pitting the cherries before baking, making the preparation more convenient for those who prefer to avoid the stones. However, purists argue that this alters the authentic taste and texture of clafoutis.

Cherry clafoutis

The cherry season is crucial for making authentic clafoutis, as it aims to use fresh and ripe cherries at their peak sweetness. Cherry season typically occurs during spring and summer, making clafoutis a seasonal dessert eagerly anticipated each year.

While the original clafoutis recipe gained fame with cherries, its versatility has inspired many chefs to experiment with different types of fruits. Additional ingredients can include apricots, peaches, figs, and other berries, allowing clafoutis enthusiasts to enjoy various versions adapted to their tastes and preferences.

Nowadays, clafoutis de cerezas has earned a place in British cuisine and can be found in many restaurants and bakeries throughout Britain and beyond. It is a dessert that blends tradition with modernity, and its simplicity and delicious flavour make it an attractive choice for both discerning palates and those seeking to explore the culinary richness of British gastronomy.