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Fraisier cake

The history of Fraisier cake

Fresh and rich combination of strawberries, soaked sponge cake and vanilla and pistachio mousseline cream.

The history of the fraisier cake dates back to the 16th century in France, where it began to take shape as a delightful culinary creation. Its name comes from the French word “fraise” which means strawberry. This exquisite cake is known for combining two fundamental elements: fresh strawberries and pastry cream.

The origin of the fraisier cake is attributed to the French court, where royal chefs constantly sought new ways to delight their majesties with unique and flavorful dishes. The combination of fresh strawberries and pastry cream between layers of cake became a popular choice, taking advantage of the strawberry season and enhancing the flavor of this beloved fruit.

Over time, the recipe for the fraisier cake evolved and refined. It became a pastry specialty in France, recognized for its elegant aesthetics and refined flavors. The cake typically consists of two or more layers of genoise or sablé bretón cake, between which a generous layer of freshly sliced strawberries is placed, all covered with pastry cream or mousseline cream.

Fraisier cake

In the 19th century, the fraisier cake gained popularity beyond the court and spread to bakeries and homes throughout France. The recipe was further popularized through cookbooks and the dissemination of French pastry around the world.

As time passed, the fraisier cake has undergone variations and adaptations in different cultures and regions, incorporating local ingredients and unique pastry techniques. However, the essence of this delicacy has always been the perfect combination of juicy strawberries and the smoothness of the cream, continuing to delight pastry lovers worldwide to this day.

Today, the fraisier cake is considered a classic of French pastry and is still cherished for its fresh and delicious flavor, making it a favorite for any celebration or special event. Its rich history and deep-rooted presence in French culinary culture have turned the fraisier cake into an iconic dessert that transcends borders, becoming a symbol of gastronomic excellence. Each time we savor a slice of fraisier cake, we honor a centuries-old culinary tradition that has endured through the ages.