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Garash torte

The history of Garash torte

Irresistible combination of thin layers of walnut sponge cake and rich, creamy chocolate mousseline covered in intense dark chocolate.

The Garash cake is an iconic dessert of Bulgarian origin, created by the Austro-Hungarian pastry chef Kosta Garash in the late 19th century. Kosta Garash trained in Vienna, a city renowned for its rich pastry tradition, before moving to Ruse, Bulgaria, after the country's liberation from Ottoman rule. In Ruse, Garash began working at the luxurious Islah Hane Hotel, where he invented his famous cake.

The Garash cake quickly stood out for its elegant simplicity and deep chocolate flavour. The original recipe uses layers of flourless walnut sponge cake, interspersed with a rich dark chocolate ganache, all covered with a chocolate glaze. The quality of the ingredients is essential for the cake's distinctive taste, making the combination of walnuts and chocolate an unparalleled delight.

Garash dedicated his creation to Prince Alexander of Battenberg and his distinguished guests, which included several European monarchs. This dedication further elevated the status of the cake, making it a symbol of high confectionery in Bulgaria. The Garash cake not only gained favour with royalty but also became popular among the local elite and foreign visitors.

Garash torte

As the Garash cake gained popularity, its fame spread beyond Bulgaria, reaching other Eastern European countries. In Hungary, the cake also found a special place in local pastry, contributing to some confusion about its true origin. However, historical evidence confirms that the Garash cake is a Bulgarian creation, enriched by its creator's Viennese training.

Later on, Kosta Garash and his wife moved to Sofia, where he continued his career until his death. In Sofia, Garash kept perfecting his skills and contributing to Bulgarian culinary culture, consolidating his legacy as one of the most outstanding pastry chefs of his time. The Garash cake remained a symbol of his talent and creativity.

Today, the Garash cake is still highly appreciated both in Bulgaria and elsewhere in the world. Tourists visiting Bulgaria often seek to try this cake in its place of origin, enjoying a culinary experience that connects with the rich history and tradition of the country. Every bite of an authentic Garash cake is a celebration of Kosta Garash's skill and creativity, as well as the enduring legacy of Bulgarian pastry.