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Parisian flan

The history of Parisian Flan

Decadent and creamy vanilla Bourbon custard wrapped in a flaky layer of croissant dough.

The origin of “flan parisien” can be traced back to the rich French culinary tradition, specifically in the city of Paris. Although flan as a dessert has an ancient history dating back to the Middle Ages in Europe, the Parisian version has evolved over time and has become a distinctive delicacy of French patisserie.

The original flan, known as “flado” or “flaon”, was a pie filled with fresh cheese and prepared with a shortcrust or puff pastry base. These recipes are mentioned in culinary texts from the Middle Ages and were enjoyed in different regions of Europe. As culinary techniques and tastes evolved, the flan also underwent changes and adaptations.

The modern flan parisien sets itself apart with its smooth and creamy texture, achieved through a base of “pâte brisée”, a finer version of traditional shortcrust pastry. The key ingredient in flan parisien is the custard filling, prepared with milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla to achieve that characteristic and delightful flavor. Often, it is sprinkled with a little sugar and caramelized on top using a culinary torch.

Parisian flan

The popularity of flan parisien has spread over the years, thanks to the skills of Parisian master pastry chefs. Bakeries and patisseries in Paris have perfected the recipe and technique, making flan parisien an emblematic element of French gastronomy and a delight that pleases locals and tourists alike.

Flan parisien has transcended the borders of France and has become an appreciated dessert in many parts of the world. Its popularity has led to reinterpretations in different cultures, sometimes incorporating local ingredients or adopting regional variations.

In summary, the origin of flan parisien dates back to the roots of medieval flan in Europe but has evolved into a unique and distinctive expression of French patisserie in the city of Paris. With its smooth texture and delightful vanilla flavor, flan parisien is a timeless dessert that continues to be enjoyed and celebrated today, honoring the rich culinary heritage of the region and delighting the palates of those who taste it worldwide.