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Pecan tart

The history of pecan tart

Delicious pecans over crunchy buttery biscuit paired with berries and soft Chantilly.

The pecan pie is a delicious dessert originating from the United States. The history of this pie dates back to the 19th century, in the southern region of the United States, where pecan trees are abundant.

The traditional pecan pie recipe is mainly attributed to the Southern cuisine, specifically the states of Georgia and Louisiana, which are known for their pecan production. It is believed that the early European settlers in the region were inspired by the tradition of nut pies that they brought with them from their home countries.

The combination of pecans with sweet ingredients like corn syrup and sugar, along with eggs and butter, created a delicious and cherished recipe that became an integral part of the culinary culture in the Southern United States.

Pecan tart

Over time, the pecan pie has become an iconic and traditional dish in festivities and celebrations, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States.

Today, the pecan pie recipe has been passed down through generations and has gained popularity worldwide due to its unique and delightful flavor. There have also been variations and adaptations of the original recipe, leading to a wide range of delicious pecan pie versions.