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Szarlotka apple pie

The history of Szarlotka apple pie

Fantastic combination of buttery shortcrust pastry, custard and delicious poached apple with a hint of cinnamon and cider toffee.

The “szarlotka” is a very popular apple pie in Poland, and its origin is closely tied to the country's rich culinary tradition.

The szarlotka pie dates back to the 19th century, and over the years, it has evolved to become one of the most beloved and recognized desserts in Polish cuisine. The name “szarlotka” comes from the Polish word “szarlotka”, which means “apple pie”.

The basic recipe for szarlotka pie consists of a soft and crumbly crust at the bottom, typically made with butter, flour, sugar, and egg. On top of the crust, a generous layer of fresh apples is placed, often mixed with sugar and cinnamon to enhance their flavor. Finally, the pie is topped with a layer of crumbs or crumbled dough before baking it until golden and delicious.

Szarlotka apple pie

The szarlotka pie is especially popular in Poland during the fall and winter when apples are in season and can be found abundantly. It is commonly served as a dessert at family gatherings, festive occasions, and special events.

It is worth noting that while szarlotka pie is a typically Polish dessert, there are similar apple pie variants in other culinary cultures. However, each country or region usually adds its distinctive touch to the recipe, giving each version its own unique characteristics.

In summary, the szarlotka pie is an important piece of Polish culinary repertoire and has been cherished for generations as a delicious and comforting apple dessert. Its origin dates back to the 19th century, and it has endured to the present day as one of the most beloved desserts in Poland.