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Princess cake

The history of Princess cake

Fantastic union of soft sponge cake, delicious diplomatic cream and raspberry jam, all wrapped in a thin layer of marzipan.

The Swedish cake “Princess Cake”, or “Prinsesstårta” in Swedish, is an iconic dessert with its origins in Sweden in the 1930s. The creator of this delicacy was the master pastry chef Jenny Åkerström. It is said that Jenny created the cake in honor of the three daughters of King Gustav V of Sweden: Princesses Margaretha, Märtha, and Astrid. Inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the princesses, Jenny devised a cake that would reflect their beauty and grace.

The original Prinsesstårta consisted of several layers of sponge cake filled with vanilla custard and raspberry jam. The combination of flavors and textures resulted in a delicious experience that quickly became a hit. The cake was adorned with a generous layer of whipped cream and covered with green-colored marzipan, giving it its characteristic color.

Over time, Prinsesstårta became popular throughout Sweden and became an emblematic dessert of the country. Its taste and elegant presentation made it highly sought after in parties and special celebrations, and it soon became an icon of Swedish pastry. As its fame grew, the cake began to be exported to other countries, where it was also well-received and enjoyed by pastry enthusiasts.

Princess cake

The original recipe for Prinsesstårta has been passed down through generations, and although there have been variations over time, the heart of the cake has remained true to Jenny Åkerström's vision. Today, this cake is a symbol of Swedish culture and has become a tradition in the country's pastry. It is commonly found in bakeries, pastry shops, and restaurants, and continues to be a popular dessert in Swedish celebrations.

Prinsesstårta has also gained international recognition, and its reputation has transcended the borders of Sweden. Pastry lovers from all over the world seek it out to enjoy its unique taste and exquisite presentation. Furthermore, the cake has been reinterpreted and adapted by creative pastry chefs in different countries, leading to a variety of versions inspired by the original recipe.

In summary, the Swedish Princess Cake, or Prinsesstårta, is an iconic dessert with its roots in the creativity of master pastry chef Jenny Åkerström in the 1930s. Its delicious combination of sponge cake, custard, raspberry jam, and green marzipan has charmed pastry enthusiasts in Sweden and beyond. With its exquisite taste and elegant presentation, Prinsesstårta has become a symbol of Swedish culture and a tradition in the country's pastry, and its fame has transcended borders, being appreciated and reinterpreted in different parts of the world.