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Tarte Tropézienne

The history of Tarte Tropézienne

Tender and fluffy brioche dough lightly soaked in orange blossom water filled with an irresistible vanilla diplomat cream.

Tarte Tropezienne is a delicious French dessert with its origins in the picturesque coastal town of Saint-Tropez, located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France. It was created by a Polish pastry chef named Alexandre Micka, who settled in Saint-Tropez in the 1950s.

The creation of this tart is attributed to a chance encounter with the famous actress Brigitte Bardot in 1956. That year, Bardot was filming the movie “And God Created Woman” in Saint-Tropez and visited Micka's bakery. Impressed by his culinary skills, Bardot asked the pastry chef to prepare a special cake for the film crew.

Alexandre Micka accepted the challenge and crafted a unique and delightful tart that combined a soft, brioche-like pastry base with a filling of whipped cream and buttercream. The actress was enchanted by the creation and suggested it be called “La Tarte de Saint-Tropez”.

Tarte Tropézienne

However, Alexandre Micka opted for a slightly modified name, and thus “La Tarte Tropezienne” was born. This naming choice contributed to its uniqueness and association with the region of Saint-Tropez.

Tarte Tropezienne became an iconic dessert of the region, and over time, its popularity spread throughout France and beyond. The classic recipe features a sweet pastry base filled with the delicious combination of buttercream and whipped cream, often flavored with vanilla.

Today, Tarte Tropezienne is a cherished dessert and can be found in numerous bakeries and restaurants worldwide. Its unique history and exceptional flavor make it a true culinary treasure that evokes the charm and beauty of the French Mediterranean coast.