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Cinnamon buns

The history of Cinnamon buns

Tender buttery braided bun with a hint of cardamom and filled with an almond cinnamon paste.

Cinnamon buns, also known as “kanelbulle” in Swedish, are a delicious and popular pastry that has gained recognition worldwide. Their origin dates back to Scandinavian cuisine, specifically in Sweden, where cinnamon buns have been a traditional treat since the 17th century. In their early days, these buns were simple flatbreads sprinkled with cinnamon, but as techniques and available ingredients evolved, they transformed into the characteristic fluffy and spiral-shaped buns we know today.

The Swedish “kanelbulle” or cinnamon bun gained even more popularity in the 20th century when “Kanelbullens dag” (Cinnamon bun Day) was established in Sweden, celebrated every 4th of October. This date became a tradition to enjoy these tasty buns alongside a cup of coffee or tea.

With the globalization and diffusion of culinary culture, cinnamon buns spread beyond Scandinavia and have become beloved treats in many parts of the world. Each region and country has adopted its own version of this delicacy, leading to various variations in the recipe and presentation. Some versions include glazing, nuts, raisins, or even fillings with other flavors to offer a unique experience to cinnamon bun enthusiasts.

Cinnamon buns

The popularity of these delicious buns has also extended to international bakery and café chains, which offer them as irresistible desserts or breakfast treats. Additionally, cinnamon buns are a highly appreciated homemade baking option, and many people enjoy making them from scratch in their own kitchens.

In summary, cinnamon buns are a culinary treasure with historical roots in Swedish and Scandinavian cuisine. Over time, they have conquered the palates of people all over the world, becoming a delightful tradition enjoyed in diverse cultures and countries. Whether in a café in Sweden or a home kitchen anywhere around the globe, these soft and aromatic cinnamon buns are a true delight for pastry and cinnamon lovers.